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[IMG]a cherry tree in corrie.jpg2011-01-19 22:09 64k
[IMG]a country road in northumberland.jpg2014-01-25 21:12 76k
[IMG]a dusting of snow north of ardrossan.jpg2011-12-03 21:36 80k
[IMG]a lane in corrie.jpg2011-06-14 19:32 24k
[IMG]a spring day ardrossan north shore.jpg2012-10-31 23:21 80k
[IMG]a spring morning looking west from tiree.jpg2020-06-13 12:11 200k
[IMG]a summer day at anstruther.jpg2012-08-26 21:14 96k
[IMG]a winter beach walk.jpg2011-03-23 20:37 40k
[IMG]a winter storm at ayr.jpg2015-07-29 20:14 64k
[IMG]after the rain arran.jpg2012-10-31 23:07 60k
[IMG]approaching snowstorm ardrossan north shore.jpg2010-12-29 16:30 28k
[IMG]approaching snowstorm.jpg2011-06-14 19:31 12k
[IMG]arran from barassie beach.jpg2012-10-31 23:07 72k
[IMG]arran from barassie.jpg2011-02-23 10:53 56k
[IMG]autumn rose bushes on barassie shore.jpg2021-07-07 10:43 64k
[IMG]ayr looking north to the harbour december.jpg2020-06-13 15:17 148k
[IMG]ayrshire coastline from arran.jpg2011-08-08 16:55 16k
[IMG]bamburgh castle from the beach.jpg2012-04-22 22:02 60k
[IMG]barassie beach december 2020.jpg2021-07-07 10:41 60k
[IMG]barassie beach december.jpg2016-12-18 12:48 68k
[IMG]barassie beach looking towards irvine.jpg2012-10-31 23:28 64k
[IMG]barassie beach.jpg2018-06-17 16:42 76k
[IMG]barassie from troon north shore on a bright winter day.jpg2022-09-11 16:12 44k
[IMG]barassie looking north towards irvine july 2020.jpg2021-04-03 09:40 60k
[IMG]barassie looking out to the holy isle and arran september 2020.jpg2021-04-03 09:41 56k
[IMG]barassie shore april 2021.jpg2021-12-05 17:32 144k
[IMG]barassie shore winter.jpg2013-05-05 19:07 68k
[IMG]behind the harbour wall crail.jpg2011-10-17 20:37 76k
[IMG]big sky barassie.jpg2012-04-22 22:03 48k
[IMG]blue sky and rocks corrie.jpg2011-08-08 16:55 16k
[IMG]bright and breezy carrick hills.jpg2011-12-03 21:37 72k
[IMG]bright blue morning barassie.jpg2016-12-18 12:48 72k
[IMG]bright sky troon harbour.jpg2014-01-25 21:11 52k
[IMG]calm sea and arran.jpg2012-04-22 22:03 60k
[IMG]calm water at troon south beach.jpg2020-06-13 13:45 120k
[IMG]changing weather over north ayrshire.jpg2011-01-19 22:09 32k
[IMG]cliffs near eyemouth.jpg2020-06-13 12:27 160k
[IMG]cloud blowing in off the sea at barassie.jpg2020-06-13 13:39 156k
[IMG]cloud over arran.jpg2011-01-19 22:09 48k
[IMG]cloud passing over the dunes at irvine.jpg2020-06-13 15:29 168k
[IMG]clouds over irvine harbour.jpg2013-05-05 20:03 68k
[IMG]clouds over irvine lit by the early morning sun.jpg2015-07-29 20:14 52k
[IMG]cottages near corrie.jpg2011-06-14 19:31 24k
[IMG]country road near st andrews.jpg2012-08-26 21:11 80k
[IMG]crail harbour in summer.jpg2011-12-03 21:37 88k
[IMG]crail harbour.jpg2011-06-14 19:32 40k
[IMG]crail shore.jpg2012-08-26 21:08 64k
[IMG]dead calm troon south beach.jpg2022-09-11 15:07 128k
[IMG]december barassie beach.jpg2020-06-13 13:48 136k
[IMG]down to the beach at barassie.jpg2021-12-05 17:33 184k
[IMG]druridge bay looking south.jpg2012-04-22 22:03 60k
[IMG]dunes and clouds irvine.jpg2020-06-13 12:32 68k
[IMG]dunes south of irvine february.jpg2020-06-13 15:23 168k
[IMG]early morning ayr beach.jpg2018-06-17 16:21 68k
[IMG]early morning druridge bay.jpg2012-04-22 22:03 60k
[IMG]early morning light.jpg2011-01-19 22:09 36k
[IMG]early morning on the maze tiree.jpg2018-11-25 17:34 72k
[IMG]early morning pittenweem.jpg2011-06-14 19:31 36k
[IMG]edinburgh skyline from fife.jpg2011-10-17 20:36 72k
[IMG]evening at barassie june 2022.jpg2022-09-11 15:13 144k
[IMG]evening at maidens.jpg2010-12-29 16:30 28k
[IMG]evening at troon north shore looking out to arran.jpg2022-09-11 16:12 56k
[IMG]evening barassie beach.jpg2011-02-23 10:53 40k
[IMG]evening sun breaking through on barassie beach.jpg2015-07-29 20:13 52k
[IMG]evening troon north shore.jpg2022-09-11 16:04 152k
[IMG]farne island from the dunes at bamburgh.jpg2012-04-22 22:03 68k
[IMG]fields near whittingham northumberland.jpg2011-10-17 20:36 84k
[IMG]fishing boats at tarbert.jpg2013-05-05 19:12 68k
[IMG]girvan shore and arran.jpg2010-12-29 16:30 24k
[IMG]heavy cloud troon beach.jpg2021-12-05 17:33 148k
[IMG]heavy skies over appin.jpg2010-12-29 16:30 32k
[IMG]heavy winter sky over bamburgh beach.jpg2012-04-22 22:04 60k
[IMG]high tide south of irvine.jpg2022-09-11 15:07 148k
[IMG]holy isle from barassie.jpg2011-09-27 19:20 64k
[IMG]houses on the shore at pittenweem.jpg2012-08-26 21:13 92k
[IMG]james street anstruther tall.jpg2011-09-27 19:20 100k
[IMG]james street anstruther.jpg2011-09-28 19:53 40k
[IMG]january barassie beach.jpg2021-04-03 09:39 76k
[IMG]january on the north shore at troon.jpg2018-11-25 17:34 56k
[IMG]kings barns beach looking north.jpg2012-08-26 21:11 84k
[IMG]late evening on the north shore at troon.jpg2016-07-14 18:55 60k
[IMG]late winter south of seamill.jpg2011-03-23 20:37 40k
[IMG]lighthouse at turnberry.jpg2010-12-29 16:30 24k
[IMG]lobster pots crail.jpg2011-06-14 19:31 52k
[IMG]loch linnhe from duror.jpg2020-06-13 12:07 184k
[IMG]loch linnhe.jpg2012-04-22 22:04 72k
[IMG]loch o the lowes and the afton hills.jpg2011-09-27 19:20 72k
[IMG]lochranza arran.jpg2018-11-25 17:34 76k
[IMG]looking north from barassie beach.jpg2011-12-03 21:37 72k
[IMG]looking north from barassie on a bright spring afternoon.jpg2015-07-29 20:13 60k
[IMG]looking north from barassie.jpg2016-07-14 18:56 76k
[IMG]looking south from the dunes at irvine.jpg2020-06-13 12:24 160k
[IMG]low tide at pittenweem.jpg2012-08-26 21:13 88k
[IMG]low tide at troon.jpg2016-07-14 18:56 64k
[IMG]low tide early morning barassie beach.jpg2015-07-29 20:12 60k
[IMG]low tide troon north shore.jpg2011-10-17 20:37 64k
[IMG]luce bay from sandhead.jpg2018-11-25 17:34 64k
[IMG]luce bay low tide.jpg2018-06-17 16:23 64k
[IMG]morning light on pittenweem.jpg2011-09-27 19:19 68k
[IMG]morning on coldingham sands.jpg2020-06-13 13:16 152k
[IMG]north beach troon.jpg2012-08-26 21:09 68k
[IMG]north of dunvegan skye.jpg2016-12-18 12:48 76k
[IMG]november morning heading south towards ayr.jpg2015-07-29 20:13 60k
[IMG]on the beach at alnmouth.jpg2015-07-29 20:13 64k
[IMG]passing cloud north of troon.jpg2013-05-05 19:10 68k
[IMG]pittenweem high street.jpg2011-06-14 19:32 20k
[IMG]pittenweem west shore morning.jpg2011-09-27 19:19 76k
[IMG]pools and rocks on luce bay.jpg2018-06-17 16:23 68k
[IMG]prestwick beach early morning.jpg2016-07-14 18:57 56k
[IMG]rain cloud over arran.jpg2011-02-23 10:53 36k
[IMG]rain clouds gathering at ayr.jpg2015-07-29 20:13 56k
[IMG]rain clouds over irvine bay.jpg2013-05-05 19:11 60k
[IMG]rain clouds over irvine.jpg2014-01-25 21:12 56k
[IMG]reflections on barassie beach.jpg2012-08-26 21:10 72k
[IMG]reflections on calm water north of barassie.jpg2013-05-05 19:12 64k
[IMG]reflections on wet sand barassie.jpg2013-05-05 19:47 64k
[IMG]rocks and calm water north of barassie.jpg2011-10-23 18:58 72k
[IMG]rocks at coldingham bay.jpg2020-06-13 13:35 152k
[IMG]rocks on barassie beach.jpg2011-06-14 19:32 12k
[IMG]rocks on dysart shore.jpg2012-08-26 21:08 76k
[IMG]rocks on the shore at whiting bay.jpg2013-05-05 19:07 60k
[IMG]rocky shore whiting bay.jpg2011-07-05 09:12 16k
[IMG]rose bushes on barassie shore.jpg2011-10-23 18:59 80k
[IMG]sand and clouds north of troon.jpg2011-10-23 18:59 64k
[IMG]september skies barassie.jpg2022-09-11 16:03 144k
[IMG]shoreline north of barassie.jpg2011-03-23 20:37 32k
[IMG]shoreline south of seamill.jpg2012-10-31 23:07 76k
[IMG]snow covered rocks near ardrossan.jpg2012-04-22 22:04 92k
[IMG]snow on ardrossan north shore.jpg2010-12-29 16:30 24k
[IMG]snow on arran.jpg2010-12-29 16:30 20k
[IMG]snow on the beach and arran.jpg2010-12-29 16:30 20k
[IMG]snow on the beach near seamill.jpg2011-02-23 16:04 60k
[IMG]snowy beach near seamill.jpg2011-01-19 22:08 112k
[IMG]spring barassie shore.jpg2020-06-13 15:21 176k
[IMG]st andrews west sands.jpg2015-07-29 20:13 72k
[IMG]stevenston beach in summer.jpg2021-12-05 17:32 144k
[IMG]summer barley fields in fife.jpg2012-04-22 22:04 80k
[IMG]summer farmland northumberland.jpg2011-09-27 19:19 76k
[IMG]summer fields near alnwick.jpg2012-04-22 22:05 72k
[IMG]summer on barassie shore.jpg2020-06-13 13:51 176k
[IMG]summer rain clouds over barassie.jpg2020-06-13 11:56 200k
[IMG]sun behind cloud barassie july 2020.jpg2021-04-03 09:41 52k
[IMG]sun breaking through the cloud at troon north shore.jpg2015-07-29 20:13 64k
[IMG]sun breaking through the cloud over troon.jpg2013-05-05 19:04 60k
[IMG]sunset on barassie beach.jpg2010-12-29 16:30 24k
[IMG]the beach at irvine.jpg2020-06-13 11:47 256k
[IMG]the beach at troon in winter.jpg2015-07-29 20:12 72k
[IMG]the beach looking north from troon.jpg2015-07-29 20:12 60k
[IMG]the beach north of barassie june 2020.jpg2021-04-03 09:40 64k
[IMG]the beach south of seamill.jpg2014-01-25 21:12 64k
[IMG]the big strand islay.jpg2014-01-25 21:13 64k
[IMG]the cumbraes from ardrossan shore.jpg2013-05-05 19:11 76k
[IMG]the dunes at irvine.jpg2012-10-31 23:21 76k
[IMG]the footpath to st abbs.jpg2020-06-13 13:31 176k
[IMG]the harbour at troon.jpg2015-07-29 20:12 64k
[IMG]the heads of ayr february.jpg2020-06-13 15:26 140k
[IMG]the holy isle from whiting bay.jpg2011-08-08 16:55 16k
[IMG]the holy isle.jpg2011-03-23 20:37 36k
[IMG]the lomond hills from the east of fife.jpg2012-08-26 21:11 68k
[IMG]the north ayrshire coast from troon.jpg2011-01-19 22:08 36k
[IMG]the north ayrshire coast in late summer.jpg2016-12-18 12:48 88k
[IMG]the north shore at troon september 2020.jpg2021-04-03 09:40 56k
[IMG]the queens view auchineden hill.jpg2020-06-13 12:14 200k
[IMG]the river ayr at failford.jpg2012-10-31 23:21 84k
[IMG]the sands of luce at low tide.jpg2015-07-29 20:12 52k
[IMG]troon and ailsa craig.jpg2011-06-14 19:32 12k
[IMG]troon from the north.jpg2012-04-22 22:46 68k
[IMG]troon from the south in early summer.jpg2015-07-29 20:12 80k
[IMG]troon harbour evening.jpg2011-12-03 21:37 68k
[IMG]troon harbour.jpg2012-08-26 21:09 56k
[IMG]troon north beach at low tide.jpg2012-10-31 23:07 68k
[IMG]troon north shore november 2021.jpg2022-09-11 16:13 104k
[IMG]troon north shore summer 2021.jpg2022-09-11 16:12 144k
[IMG]troon north shore winter.jpg2020-06-13 11:37 56k
[IMG]troon north shore.jpg2016-12-18 12:47 80k
[IMG]troon south beach looking to ayr.jpg2011-10-17 20:37 64k
[IMG]troon south beach october.jpg2020-06-13 13:59 136k
[IMG]view to edinburgh from st bridgets church dalgety bay.jpg2012-08-26 21:12 84k
[IMG]waves on bamburgh beach.jpg2013-05-05 19:10 88k
[IMG]wet and windy on barassie beach.jpg2020-06-13 12:19 152k
[IMG]wet sand troon north shore.jpg2013-05-05 19:08 60k
[IMG]wet summer day barassie beach.jpg2012-04-22 22:05 60k
[IMG]white shell sand on the north shore at troon.jpg2016-07-14 18:56 68k
[IMG]whiting bay arran.jpg2014-01-25 21:13 64k
[IMG]whiting bay.jpg2011-08-08 16:55 12k
[IMG]wild flowers at barassie shore.jpg2015-07-29 20:12 84k
[IMG]wild flowers on the shore near seamill.jpg2012-08-26 21:13 68k
[IMG]wind surfers at barassie.jpg2013-05-05 19:02 68k
[IMG]winter ardrossan north shore.jpg2010-12-29 16:30 32k
[IMG]winter beach barassie.jpg2011-06-14 19:31 48k
[IMG]winter shoreline north ayrshire.jpg2011-03-23 20:37 52k
[IMG]woodland near culzean.jpg2011-01-03 11:39 40k
[IMG]woodland near dundonald.jpg2011-01-03 11:39 32k
[IMG]yachts at anstruther.jpg2012-08-26 21:10 92k
[IMG]yachts at dalgety bay.jpg2011-09-27 19:20 76k
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